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Mark Duzlemic Mortgage Professional

Mark Duzlemic Mortgage Professional

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My name is Mark Duzlemic. With over 12 years in a management position and working with budgets, I found myself moving into a more direct environment. With a strong passion in finance, debt consolidation and mathematics, being a mortgage professional was the perfect match. I have a strong desire to educate others. I am excited to show people how to convert unnecessary interest from going to their lender, to utilizing that money for their own mortgage and plans for the future! With my programs and unique strategies, many of my clients now have the option to shave their mortgage in half without changing their lifestyle or taking any additional money out of pocket.

Powered by Invis, I'm in partnership with over 50 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, trust/insurance companies and other regional/national private lenders. This allows myself to work with clients all across the spectrum where most financial institutions may be limited. Whether you have bruised credit and need a stepping stone mortgage, good credit and want a traditional mortgage or have good credit and want advanced mortgage solutions, I have you covered!

I work with new purchases, renewals, debt consolidation, home equity renovations, rental properties, vacation properties and much more!

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